Waste not, want not: A gala dinner like none other

The theme for our gala dinner, which rounds out our summit April 19-22, is all about limiting food waste or getting rid of it all together.

The menu for the evening focuses on the parts of our food that we often throw away, such as fruit peel or fish trim. While these bits and pieces may not always be the most visually appealing, they are often packed with flavour and can elevate a dish in the most surprising ways.

Taking place on Saturday, April 21 at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market and presented by Chef de Partie Catering and The Cure, the menu for the event is nothing short of mouth watering. Make sure to get your ticket today!

To Start
Fish Cake | Mixed Pickle | Pesto | Greens

  • Fish Cake made from Fonos Fish Northern lakes fish trim served
  • Pickled watermelon rinds, pickled beets
  • Parsley stem pesto and market greens

Roast Chicken | Lentil Risotto | Vegetable

  • De-boned Roast Chicken Roulade w/ Winter Freeze Dried Garden Herbs,
  • Sea buckthorn Berry Mustard and Chicken Bone Broth Glace on a
  • Mixed Lentil Risotto set beside Roasted Root Cellar Vegetables
  • Beet Greens sautéed in local garlic and rendered duck fat

Lemon Breadcrumb Cake | Frozen Yogurt | Berries

  • Delicious wartime cake recipe made with day old breadcrumbs in place of flour flavoured with candied lemon peels leftover from juicing
  • House-made Frozen Yogurt w/ strawberry tops
  • Foraged Saskatoon berries

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