Pimatisiwin: Living the good life through Indigenous Food Systems dinner theatre

Pimatisiwin is a powerful word for Indigenous people. It literally means “good life” but the English translation does not account for the deep meaning encompassed in the word. In very simple terms, Pimatisiwin means living a life fully and completely according to your community’s values. It includes both the material aspects of life and the spiritual ones.

On April 20, the Slow Food National Summit will host a dinner that celebrates Indigenous culture and food. Alongside a delicious meal, people will be able to see a performance of Curtis Peeteeuce’s Pimatisiwin. Peeteetuce is the artist in residence for CHEP, and CHEP has generously offered the play as part of this unique dinner theatre experience, specially for the Summit. The play tells the story of the Kihew family, the food they eat and how it affects their physical, mental and spiritual lives.

Dinner Menu


  • Sliced Buffalo Tongue
  • Smoked Duck Breast
  • Moose Smokies Bites
  • Picked Juniper Carrots
  • Rosehip Butter
  • Mushroom & Green Onion Dust Popcorn
  • Bannock

Family Style Main Course:

  • Chokecherry Glazed Mixed Wild Meats Meatballs
  • Lentils with apples
  • Mixed wild meat stew
  • Roast Heirloom Squash with Wild rice


  • Cornbread bread pudding with Wild Saskatoon Berries with Birch Syrup Whipped Cream

To Drink:

  • Muskeg Tea
  • Local Mint Tea
  • Water


Get your tickets today! Non-members and members invited to join us for this amazing food experience.

Special thank to our sponsors for this event: SIGA, CHEP, The Better Good, and Outlook Locker Plant.


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One response to “Pimatisiwin: Living the good life through Indigenous Food Systems dinner theatre

  1. Yvonne Hanson

    Can we please acknowledge the sponsorship of CHEP Good Food on the Pimatisiwin page? Curtis Peeteetuce is CHEP’s Artist in Residence and we are offering Slow Food this opportunity to see the play. Thanks!


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