Slow Food Saskatoon Partners with Camp Tamarack to ensure kids with learning disabilities enjoy good clean and fair food at summer camp

Slow Food Saskatoon has announced our spring volunteer project. We are offering the cooking skills of our chef members and access to fresh, local food to the kids attending Camp Tamarack this summer. Slow Food Saskatoon and Camp Tamarack are calling for food and packaging donations as they prepare soups, stews, baking, and healthy snack items for the camp.

“We’re so grateful for Slow Food Saskatoon’s support of Camp Tamarack,” says Tamarack Foundation President Sharon Thomas. “Diet is extremely important to children with learning disabilities and we want to educate children on the importance of healthy eating.”

“We’re pleased to be able to support Camp Tamarack,” says Slow Food Saskatoon Leader Noelle Chorney. “Slow Food is committed to good, clean and fair food for all, with a special emphasis on connecting with youth. This is a great opportunity. Plus, Slow Food Saskatoon has a great team of chefs and caterers that love to feed people, so it’s a fun project for us to take on!”

The Tamarack/Slow Food partnership is reaching out to food retailers and wholesalers to access meat, dry goods, frozen fruit, packaging, and other items that can be used to create make ahead meals and snacks for 400 kids attending the camp in July and August.

For a specific ingredient list, contact Slow Food or Camp Tamarack. Contact Evelyn Reisner of Fresh Dish Catering at 306-262-5586 to arrange delivery or pickup of donations.

About Slow Food Saskatoon

Slow Food Saskatoon is a grassroots community of chefs, policy supporters, farmers and food activists who support good, clean and fair food, and like to mix joy and justice. For more information:

About the Slow Food movement

Slow Food is an international non-profit organization. Its cultural, environmental and social mission is the recognition of the central role of good, clean and fair food. For more information:

About Camp Tamarack

Camp Tamarack has been helping children with learning difficulties since 1977. The children and their families see Camp Tamarack as a place where children experience success, find a friend, and realize that learning can be fun. These experiences follow them into their classrooms and create a foundation for a successful life.

Camp Tamarack is supported by the Tamarack Foundation, a duly registered Canadian charity, and operated by a Board of Directors made up of professionals with varied business backgrounds, as well as parents who have the common desire to make a difference in the lives of children with learning difficulties – diagnosed or undiagnosed.


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